How to increase testosterone naturally

1- Prioritize rest

Sleep should be emphasized daily. Sleep 7 to 8 hours every night.

2- Zinc up your life

Zinc is one of the well know nutrient to influence testosterone. It is a component of various enzymes in the body. It has a relatively higher concentration within the testicles compared to other organs in the body.

3- Train hard with weights

Resistance training bump up your testosterone in the hours after your work out.

4- Stress – Less

Stress is very bad for your testosterone level in your body. Stress also stimulates another hormone called cortisol. This hormone eat away your lean muscle mass as well as stimulate fat gain especially in your belly’s region.

5- Avoid low-fat diets

Fat can be healthy as long as you check your calory intakes and your source of fat is healthy.

6- Stop the sugar

Not only sugar will help you gain more weight, but it will also zap your testosterone level.

7- Boost your testosterone with broccoli

Yes, I know no one like broccoli and you will have to take a lot of it to see any changes in your testosterone level.

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