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How to Support Your Immune System? A Complete Guide to Stay Healthy

Immune System

Do you often catch a cold or suffer from bacterial or viral infections frequently? Then you might need to boost up your immune system. For a weak immune system, you have to pay more attention to health during winter. However, the truth is, keeping your immune system active all over the year is a must […]

High Blood Sugar or Hyperglycemia: Everything You Need to Know to Stay Healthy


Our human body contains a certain level of glucose in the blood. The right level of blood sugar gives energy to our body cells and organs. However, when the level of glucose or sugar in our blood increases, it is known as high blood sugar or hyperglycemia. The high blood sugar level can cause several […]

Anxiety Disorder: From Symptoms to Treatment

Anxiety Disorder: From Symptoms to Treatment

Anxiety is a natural response to stress and it is a part of almost everyone’s life. Experiencing occasional anxiety is quite common. It is a way how our brain reacts to stress and keeps us alert of potential danger ahead. What are anxiety disorders? Feeling anxious when doing something new, like starting a new job, […]

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